Hungarian Film Week is going ahead after funding delays, with screenings now scheduled for May 5–8. 

The Hungarian Ministry of National Resources has stepped in to fund this year’s festival. But the date, just a few days before Cannes, will likely deter international industry professionals from attending the event in Budapest.

The 42nd edition festival will be further hampered by a lack of new films. While past editions have offered early glimpses of Hungarian titles about to break out on the festival circuit, cuts to film funding have brought local production to a near standstill. New titles by Benedek Fliegauf and Agnes Kocsis are among those currently mothballed for lack of funding. 

Festival screenings will take place at four arthouse cinemas in Budapest. Unlike recent editions, this year’s festival will not be centered at a multiplex. 

The showcase of Hungarian films, traditionally held in the first week of February, was postponed when the Hungarian parliament imposed an 80% cut to funding to the Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation, the body which awards funding to productions, festivals and other film-related activities in Hungary.

The funding cuts do not affect Hungary’s tax rebate for international film productions. Production begins Saturday on Stuber Productions’ 47 Ronin, a samurai thriller starring Keanu Reeves.