Hungarian director Gabor Herendi's A Kind Of America, the story of a young film director longing to make his feature debut, has become the most successful Hungarian film ever.

In addition, it is now also the film that has spent the most weeks in the box office top ten, pushing James Cameron's Titanic off the top spot. Twenty-nine weeks after its release A Kind Of America has spent twenty-seven weeks in the top ten - compared to Titanic's twenty-six.

Herendi's movie has been seen by over 280,000 people in Budapest and nearly 480,000 across the country. And while it is still behind the Titanic's total of more than 1 million viewers, the director is confident of reaching the 500,000 mark.

"All is together for this goal to happen, as still 7,000 - 8,000 people watch the film every week and many smaller theaters have just recently got the longed-for copies", said Herendi (pictured). Several theaters will also keep the film on their repertoire after it comes out on video and DVD in October.