Despite a strong start strong start, The Matrix Revolutions is fading in Hungary just as quickly as it is elsewhere. Although last week's strongest new release, Crime Spree was no competition for the final Matrix episode, it is clear that the success of the first two parts won't be repeated.

It was a solid opening for Crime Spree, a Canadian-UK co-production that features an international cast including Harvey Keitel, Gerard Depardieu, Johnny Hallyday and Said Taghmaoui. The crime comedy sold 16,406 tickets over the weekend and 19,320 including previews. Directed by Brad Mirman the film tells the story of a gang of French burglars whose routine heist turns into a nightmare when they accidentally rob the boss of the Chicago Mafia.

One of InterCom's scheduled releases for this Friday (Nov 21), Finding Nemo fared strongly in its preview week with over six thousand admissions. Once it is released though it will have to fight off the competition of another InterCom release, S.W.A.T. and UIP's Dirty Pretty Things.

Although no competition for the above mentioned, two current arthouse releases are also delighting the Hungarian audience, namely Good Bye, Lenin! and David Cronenberg's Spider.