Most likely nobody would've thought that in the fourth week of its release Gabor Herendi's Hungarian Vagabond will still be such strong competition for Tom Cruise's Last Samurai. The Japan-set epic debuted on top of the chart with over 47,000 admissions, a mere 15,000 more than Herendi's historical comedy which has reached the 300,000 admission mark.

Last week's other two releases, Hiner Saleem's Vodka Lemon and Miklos Jancso's latest, The Battle Of Mohacs, sunk without a trace.

Four new films are to be released in Hungary this Thursday including Big Fish and Runaway Jury but following the multi-Oscar win of The Return Of The King, the upcoming weekend is likely to be the battle of Hungary's box office greats, the third LOTR episode and Hungarian Vagabond.