The CineVegas International Film Festival in Las Vegas (June 13 to 21) will host the world premiere of Breakfast With Hunter, a feature length documentary starring the outlaw journalist Dr Hunter S Thompson.

Directing by Wayne Ewing, the documentary chronicles Thompson's attempt to avoid being placed in the system by rogue Aspen City cops that conspire to bust him for drunken driving on the eve of an important local election. This political story interweaves with his struggle to bring his book Fear And Loathing To Las Vegas to the screen in the 1998 film.

The documentary features appearances from Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro, John Cusack, songwriter Warren Zevon, artist Ralph Steadman and fellow journalists George Plimpton and PJ O'Rourke.

The trip to Vegas for CineVegas marks Thompson's first overnight stay in Las Vegas since he first wrote Fear And Loathing in the 1970s.

Meanwhile Dennis Hopper will accept the Marquee Award for his lifetime achievements in the film industry on June 21, preceded on June 20 by Hopper's 1971 classic The Last Movie. The inaugural Marquee Award went to Dustin Hoffman during last year's event.

'CineVegas is honoured to present Dennis Hopper, an actor and director who has been a pioneer in artistic significance and a frontrunner in pushing the boundaries of creative expression with the 2003 Marquee Award,' said CineVegas director of programming Trevor Groth in a statement. "His visionary work in front of and behind the camera is marked by his truly unique style that is inspirational and unmistakably Hopper."

CineVegas was founded in 1998 and has hosted world premieres of films such as Spun, Poolhall Junkies, Bubba Hotep and Star Trek: Insurrection. The event is produced by the Entertainment Development Corporation Of Las Vegas, a private, membership-based non-profit organisation which works to promote film and television production through education and events like CineVegas.