The Academy has announced its punishment for The Hurt Locker producer following a furore over a campaign email

Voltage Pictures chief and The Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier has been barred from attending the 82nd Academy Awards on Sunday following the furore over a campaign email.

The move comes as the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences reprimanded Chartier, one of four producers on The Hurt Locker, after he sent out an email urging people to vote for the film at the expense of Avatar, which he did not mention by name.

The email to select Academy members and industry professionals was adjudged to have violated the Academy’s campaigning standards, which prohibit “casting a negative or derogatory light on a competing film.”

However the executive committee of the Academy’s Producers Branch did not go as far as to revoke Chartier’s nomination. Should The Hurt Locker win the best picture award, he will receive his statuette sometime after the ceremony.