William Hurt is set to star in the $7.8m Canada-UK co-production Blue

Butterfly, opposite young US actor Marc Donato and Canadian actress Pascale

Bussieres under the direction of Swiss-Canadian director Lea Pool.

Based on a true story with a script by Pete McCormack, the film tells of a terminally ill boy whose dying wish is to catch the most beautiful butterfly on earth. Hurt plays the misanthropic entomologist who finally agrees to help him.

The project was developed by Francine Allaire and is produced by Arnie

Gelbart, Francine Allaire and Claude Bonin of Montreal-based Galafilm

Productions and Michael Haggiag of the UK's Global Arts Productions. Backers

include Telefilm Canada and Quebec1s SODEC.

Filming has commenced in Costa Rica and continues until May 3 before moving to Montreal for three more weeks, beginning May 21, and wrapping June 5.