Latif Yuhia, the man who wasforced to be the body double of Saddam Hussein's son Uday will arrive in Cannesthis weekend in a bulletproof Mercedes that he recently bought from the UK'sQueen Elizabeth.

UK-based Yuhia will be intown to promote a film adaptation of his life which is to be produced by aconsortium of Dutch production companies.

The film will be produced byStaccato Films, Corrino Films and conglomerate Foreign Media Group, which cameout the winners in a rights auction which the bodyguard-turned-businessmanhimself arranged without the use of literary agents. The Dutch trio arebelieved to have beaten off competition from a number of US independents andstudios. However their European treatment is understood to have helped win theday.

"This will not be an actionadventure, but rather a psychological thriller, a standoff between one of themost evil characters on earth and a protagonist who is obliged to investigatehis own darker side," says Staccato chief Emjay Rechsteiner. The story will bepartially-based on Latif Yuhia's novels The Devil's Double and I WasSaddam's Son. It will continue with unpublished material detailing hisexperiences since fleeing Iraq.

Neither the screenwriter northe director has been set, but the trio report that conditional financing isalready in place for a budget under $10m