Spanish organisers of the annual Iberoamerican Co-production Forum (Nov 18-20) have unveiled the list of 44 new feature film projects set to participate in this year's event.

Attendance at the Forum, which functions as a mini-market, is expected to be high thanks to its new date and location. The event will be housed for the first time within the Iberoamerican Film Festival of Huelva.

Companies set to attend include among others: Spain's Telefonica Media, Filmax, Antena 3 TV, Canal Plus, Tornasol and Lauren; Mexico's AltaVista, Titan, Argos and Televisa; Cuba's ICAIC; Brazil's Total Filmes; and US companies Twentieth Century Fox and Univision.

Projects being presented this year involve top talent from the region, such as:

Carlos Ameglio's Resurrectores, with Cecilia Roth and Gael Garcia Bernal attached (Salado Films);
Garcia Bernal and Norma Leandro-starrer El Teniente Bello, from director Ariel Gordon (AltaVista);
San Sebastian Golden Shell winner Orlando Lubbert's Julia La Fugitiva (Cebra Producciones / Cormoran Producciones);
Laura Mana's follow-up to Compassionate Sex (Sexo Por Compasion), Sofia De Los Presagios, set to star Mana and Demian Bichir (Ivania Films);
Miguel Littin's La Ultima Luna, with stars Tamara Acosta and Luis Alarcon (Buenaventura Films);
Eduard Bosch's Laura Y David (Esicma); and Enrique Gabriel's Vidas Pequenas, with Ana Fernandez, Asuncion Balaguer and Federico Luppi attached (ATPIP).

Details of the Forum were presented Wednesday (Oct 31) in Madrid by Fabia Buenaventura, the newly-appointed general manager of the Spanish Producers' Federation FAPAE. Buenaventura comes from the Exterior Commerce Institute ICEX, one of the Forum's official sponsors. Missing from this year's sponsor roster is Telefonica Media, which hosted the June 2000 event in Madrid.