20th CenturyFox's Ice Age has racked upan international gross of $28.3m after just ten days in the marketplace. TheCGI-animated US smash opened day-and-date with the domestic release on March 15in Mexico, Singapore and Indonesia, but this weekend it went out throughoutEurope, Latin America and Asia bringing its regional totals to $14.4m inEurope, $11.7m in Latin America and $2.6m in Asia-Pacific.

The film opened over theweekend in Germany on 794 screens and took $7.623m, the highest grossingopening weekend for an animated feature, the third biggest opening for a Foxfilm ever after Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999) and Independence Day (1996) and the eighth highest opening on record. InAustria, it took $1.1m at 31 sites and $0.427m at 65 sites in German-speakingSwitzerland.

In the UK, the film openedin 423 theatres for $4.3m; in Sweden, it took $0.3m on 114 screens; in Norway,it took $0.363m at 83 sites; in Denmark it took $0.262m from 79 screens and inFinland $0.106m from 41 screens.

In Mexico last weekend, IceAge recorded the biggest openingweekend in the territory's history and its ten-day total is now $8.6mfrom 525 theatres. In Brazil, the film is number one with $0.95m from 292screens in its opening weekend.

In Australia, the filmopened at number one with $1.3m from 298 theatres, while in Hong Kong it tookthe top slot with $0.19m on 26 screens.

Its next openings are inGreece (April 12), Italy (April 24) and Holland (April 25).