20th CenturyFox's Ice Age continued itsbox office rampage around the world, racking up $56.15m to date - some$27.35m in the last seven days. The film opened in South Africa over theweekend, breaking the record for the highest animated opening ever with$248,289 from 71 screens and registering the third highest opening ever after TheFellowship Of The Ring and Mission:Impossible 2.

- In Germany, the film took$4.89m over the weekend from 833 screens to bring its total to $15.36m.

- In the UK, the filmgrossed $2.1m at 500 sites bringing its total to $8.84m.

- In Australia, the filmtook $1.56m in its second weekend on 313 screens to bring its total to $3.18m.

- In Mexico, it took $1.95mon its third weekend on 502 screens for a massive total to date of $13m.

- In Brazil, the film took$0.87m from 285 screens for the number one slot and a total of $2.16m.

In the North American marketplace,Ice Age has to date grossed$116.86m.