Iceland had another record-breaking year at the box office in 2007. The box officein the small island nationhit $18.4m (ISK 1.1bn) on 1.477m admissions, up 2% from a strong 2006. The figures are calculated from SMAIS, the association of film rights holders in Iceland.

Local productions took 9% of market share, a drop from 2006 when Baltasar Kormakur's Jar City smashed local records.

There were three local productions in the top 10 in 2007. Astropia led the chart overall, Quiet Storm (Vedramot) was in 12th place and Cold Trail (Kold Sloo) in 16th place.

US productions took about 82% of market share, while non-local, non-US films had 9% market share.

Iceland Top 10 Films 2007 (title distributor, gross/admissions)
1 Astropia Samfilm, ISK 45.6m / 46.3m
2 Pirates of the Carribean - At Worlds End Samfilm, ISK 42.6m / 52.6m
3 The Simpsons Movie Sena, ISK41.6m / 57m
4 Harry Potter 5 Samfilm, ISK 38.3m / 50m
5 Shrek the Third Samfilm, ISK 32.6m / ISK 50m
6 Die Hard 4.0 Sena, ISK 27.1m / 33.8m
7 Spider-Man 3 Sena, ISK24.2m / 31m
8 300 Samfilm, ISK22.3m / 30.39m
9 Mr. Bean's Holiday Samfilm, ISK 20.8m / 29.1m
10 Transformers Samfilm, ISK20.1m / 26.48m