The release of Hilmar Oddsson's Icelandic drama Cold Light (Kaldaljós) on Jan 2 has been highly anticipated following the disappointing year at the box-office for local films in 2003.

So far it seems that Icelanders have been eager for home made product, as the film served up a better screen average than the number one The Return Of The King - 1,743 on just three prints compared to the King's 1,480 on 10 prints. The film is produced by veteran Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, based on a novel by Vigdís Grímsdóttir, and star Ingvar E. Sigurdsson (Angels Of The Universe, K-19) as the man who after years of isolation decides to face his past. The film will open the Nordic section of Sweden's Gothenburg Film Festival. Samfilm's release of Honey didn't fare quite as well and scooped just 849 admissions on four prints.