, the new social networking site for aspiring film-makers and actors, have added new experts to its Independent Panel of Judges.

The panel includes more than 170 producers, directors, writers, casting directors, talent agents, and actors including Morgan Freeman, Richard Attenborough, Derek Jacobi, Marjane Satrapi and David Yates.

Each month, gives away $3,000+ to film-makers with the judge's pick of best short films uploaded that month.

Awards are given to films under 5 minutes, between 5-10 minutes and over 10 minutes. The most viewed film wins a Web Users' choice.

Agents are also eyeing the shorts to offer representation to the top actors, director and writer of the year.

'We are always on the lookout for new talent, and by supporting we are able to see the potential stars of tomorrow - giving them a platform to show what they can do,' said renowned agent Duncan Heath, chairman at London-based International Talent Group (formerly ICM).

'This is such an exciting platform for new talent to be seen by some of the best names in the film industry,' added co-founder Steve Lanning. 'The social networking side of the site has been brilliant with actors now working on new short films, through people they have met on our website.'