New London-based sales companyiDream Independent Pictures has wrapped up its first deals after the recentAmerican Film Market.

The company had a lineup of fourprojects at the AFM: Kaushikagupta Ray's five-part Dalai Lama documentaryseries On Life AndEnlightenment, Antara Bharadwaj's thriller Telling Lies, ManishGupta's drama Karma Confessions And Holiand Pankaj Advani's surreal thriller Cape Karma. Its slate will concentrate on selling independent Indian and Englishfilms to the world market.

On Life And Enlightenment sold toEagle for Australia and New Zealand (video); Suraya Filem for Singapore,Philippines and Indonesia (TV), Frenetic Films for Germany, Austria,Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (theatrical, TV and video); andIssan Entertainment for Spain (TV and video). Talks are ongoing for territoriesincluding UK, US, France, Italy, Russia and Scandinavia.

Karma Confessions and Holi sold toSuraya for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillipines and Gala Entertainment for east and west Africa.

Cape Karma sold to Suraya for Singapore and the Phillipines.

iDream Independent is backed by iDream Production and Crossover Capital. Thecompany plans to expand its slate by five films before Cannes 2007.