IDT Entertainment Sales hasclosed multiple territory deals at AFM on the CG-animated family title YankeeIrving.

Rights have gone to LNK inPortugal, Luxor Group in CIS, Baltic States and Bulgaria, Tuck International inthe former Yugoslavia, J-Bics in Thailand, and Sam Film in Iceland, amongothers.

"We weren't planning onselling Yankee Irving until earlynext year," IDT Entertainment Sales executive vice-president Andy Berman.

"We brought a trailer as anenticement to familiarise the buyers with the movie but didn't expect to closedeals until Berlin or Sundance. However the combination of the top-notch castand the enormous depth and successful track record of the producing rostermoved buyers to close deals now."

The voice talent castfeatures Rob Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg, Brian Dennehy, William H Macy, MandyPatinkin, Dana Reeve, and Robert Wagner.

The story centres on a boywho travels across the country on a mission to help his favourite sports team,and meets eclectic array of characters along the way.

Yankee Irving is currently in production at IDT EntertainmentAnimation's studio in Toronto with an anticipated release in late Summer2006. The picture will bedistributed through IDT Entertainment's recently announced multi-picture dealwith Twentieth Century Fox.