Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) has closed its last two remaining territories on Steven Soderbergh's Oscar contender Traffic, selling Japanese rights to Nippon Herald and Australian and New Zealand rights to Village Roadshow.

In addition, IEG's CEO and president Graham King has closed a deal with Korea Pictures Co for Korean rights to Martin Scorsese's Gangs Of New York; King had originally signed up Shinabro for Korean distribution but that deal fell through.

Traffic, which has grossed more than $80m domestically through USA Films, has already taken $7.5m at the UK box office for Entertainment Film Distributors and $1.5m for Manga Films following its opening on Feb 9.

Italy releases Traffic on March 9 through Columbia TriStar for Mediafilm, BAC Films opens in France on March 7 and Splendid Film opens it on April 5 through its distribution deal with 20th Century Fox. Village Roadshow has scheduled its own opening on March 8, while Nippon Herald will follow in late April.

Winner of two Golden Globes for best screenplay and best supporting actor, Traffic recently won the Best Actor prize at the Berlin Film Festival for Benicio Del Toro.