IFC Entertainment has bought North and South American rights to Berlin Panorama film Lost In La Mancha: The Un-Making of Don Quixote.

Lost In La Mancha is a feature length documentary about the preparations for and dramatic halting of Terry Gilliam film Don Quixote. It is made by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe, who previously made The Hamster Factor And Other Tales Of Twelve Monkeys, and is narrated by Jeff Bridges.

IFC has indicated that it intends to give Lost In La Mancha a theatrical release through IFC Films as well as a TV outing on the Independent Film Channel. World sales are handled by Rosa Bosch of Tequila Gang. Production credits go to Quixote Films and Low Key Picture productions in association with Eastcroft Productions.

"We have previously done a picture about making a film, but I don't know how many other films there have been about one that collapses," said producer Lucy Darwin. Quixote, which starred Jean Rochefort and Johnny Depp, halted after six days.

"Terry wanted us to do another film with him and it was always going to be about the pre-production and production stages, how you get a film off the ground. But what we could not have expected was for it to fall apart in front of out eyes," said Darwin. "I'm sure that anyone interested in film-making will be fascinated, but it is told in a very consequential fashion and we expect a wider public to be interested too."

The film screens in Berlin on Monday Feb 11.