iHQ, an up-and-coming Korean companythat has diversified from talent management to film production and investment,has launched a new international sales division under Catherine Park, formerlyof CJ Entertainment.

The company will make its market debut at Pusan, withan initial slate including Daisy, an action romance shot in theNetherlands featuring top star Jeon Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl) and directedby Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs).

Other titles currently in production include ContainerMan by veteran director Park Kwang-soo (A Single Spark), about areclusive man who discovers he has a daughter; Sad Movie, featuring anall-star ensemble cast portraying four couples who break up; and a Koreanremake of the Japanese hit romance Crying Out Love In The Center Of TheWorld.

"We plan to produce around 6-8 films per yearfrom the year 2006, either as a main producer or as a co-producer, and weexpect to represent those films abroad," says Park, adding that thecompany will aggressively pursue international co-productions.

iHQ originated as talent management agency SidusHQ,which separated from its partner company Sidus Pictures in 2002 and subsequentlyadded divisions in production (iFilm), distribution (iLoveCinema), TV dramaproduction (SidusHQ/Castle In The Sky), game production (NTREEV Soft), musicrecording and publishing (iHQ), and performances and events (iCom).

Having secured management contracts for many ofKorea's top stars, CEO Teddy Jung has emerged as an influential young power brokerin the Korean film industry.