Rome'sItalian International Film (IIF) is lining up an ambitious new production anddistribution slate, which includes historical epic The Inquiry starring Dolph Lundgren andMax Von Sydow.

Italiandirector Giulio Base recently wrapped production onthe $10m (Euros 8.5m) action-thriller, which is set three years after thecrucifixion of Jesus Christ and sees Roman Emperor Tiberius send a messenger totry and find Jesus' body.

Thefeature film is produced by the IIF's Fulvio Lucisano, and is a remakeof Damiano Damiani's 1987,movie The Inquiry starring Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel, alsoproduced by Lucisano.

Thenew picture, written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, stars Daniele Liotti in the main role, alongside Lundgren, Von Sydow, Monica Cruz and Ornella Muti. It is currently in post-production.

"Itis a great story, and the remake is more epic, more passionate. We have added alove story," says IIF's Federica Lucisano.

Spain's Enrique Cerezo and Italy's RaiFiction are co-producing the picture, with LA-based New Image handlinginternational sales.

Thefilm is set for a theatrical release in Italy next autumn through 01Distribution. It will also be broadcast on RAI as a two-part series.

IIF is also the producer behind current local box office hit Notte Prima degli Esami (literally, the Night BeforeExams). Released on 237 screens, the comedy earned $1.48m (Euros 1.25m) on itsopening weekend for a massive average of $6,298 (Euros 5,303) per screen.

The film marks the directorial debut of FaustoBrizzi, whose credits as a screenwriter includeseveral Natale comedies in the blockbuster franchisestarring Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi.

IIF's upcoming production slate includes an"ethnic" comedy called Yie-Yie.

"It will be in the style of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and is set in the Italian-Chinesecommunity," Lucisano said. The film, currentlyin pre-production, is being planned as a Singapore co-productionand will be released in 2006 through IIF.

Veteran producer Fulvio Lucisano is also lining up another historical epic writtenby Valerio Manfredi, calledThe Spartans.

"We plan to make one big-budget film per year, two genrefilms/comedies, and three films for TV," Federica Lucisanosaid. This year, IIF made two TV series for Mediaset.

"We would also like to get involved in films as a minorityco-producer," Lucisano added.

IIF has also been ramping up its distribution slate. In Berlin, the companyacquired Italian distribution rights toLove Me Tomorrow, Petter Næss' follow-up tobreak-out hit Elling.

Thecompany's slate also includes The World's Fastest Indian, Keeping Mumwith Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas, Dominic Savage's drama Love + Hate, and The Best Man with Simon Callow.