EFM: The Los Angeles-based sales, financing and production company has reported a roaring trade on its marquee sales title here.

Mel Gibson will direct Hacksaw Ridge and Andrew Garfield will star as Desmond Doss, the real-life WWII medic who became the first conscientious objector to receive a Congressional Medal Of Honor.

Cross Creek Pictures is financing the $40-50m project and produces alongside Pandemonium Films.

Rights have gone in Germany (Universum), Italy (Andrea Leone), Spain (Dea Planeta), Scandinavia (Mis Label), South Korea (Pancinema), Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, central America and Latin America pay-TV (Sun), Switzerland (Impuls) and Taiwan (Applause).

Deals also closed in South Africa (M-Net), Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia (Freeman Entertainment), Hong Kong (Bravos), Indonesia (Cinema 21), Czech/Slovak (AQS), Greece (Spentzos), Turkey (Pinema), Indonesia (Cinema 21) and Israel (United King).

Apsara handles the film in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Asia pay-TV. Entertainment In Motion took airlines rights.