Imax Corporation shows little sign of slowing down its deal-making to instal new theatres after agreeing terms with US-based Cobb Theatres for four new systems in the South-east.

The first location will open in November in Lakeland, Florida, followed by another in South Florida in February 2011 and installations in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Merritt Island, Florida, in March and April 2011.

This brings the number of announced theatre systems signings to 172 worldwide so far this year, compared to 35 system signings in 2009. 

“During the past few years it has become very evident that when a big movie opens, people want to experience it in Imax,” Cobb Theatres CEO Robert Cobb said. “The Imax brand is synonymous with the best movie presentations in 2D and 3D, and these four locations will enable us to offer more premium content to our customers.”