IMAX treated a handful of media to an informative presentation today in London.

Impressive do-it-all outfit IMAX goes from strength to strength, rapidly rolling out across the world and enticing a growing number of high profile directors to shoot with its cameras.

In London today, a handful of journalists were invited to an informative presentation of some of the company’s upcoming highlights with speeches from former Paramount executive and now IMAX EMEA president Andrew Cripps and senior vp film production Hugh Murray.

One of the highlights was a sneak peak of IMAX’s 4k laser projections system which the company will be rolling out fourth quarter 2013. The projector promises greater clarity and colour contrast and could herald even bigger screens.

Other interesting nuggets included:

- the company’s first quarter 2012 box office is up 95% on the equivalent period from last year

- confirmation that the first IMAX screen in Ireland will open in Dublin in 2013

- after successful single territory film openings in Russia with Madagascar 3 and HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami in France, IMAX is looking to open locally oriented films in Japan and China

- JJ Abrams is expected to shoot a fair amount of his Star Trek sequel with an IMAX camera.

- 99 functioning IMAX venues, 30 backlog, 129 contracted

- Early windowing strategy to continue (Avengers opened a week early in Russia)

And I have to admit that The Amazing Spiderman in IMAX 3D looked a lot of fun!

As Cripps told the audience: ‘The model works.’