Two more studios for 3D immersive sound to open in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

The Impossible [pictured], the next feature by Juan Antonio Bayona, is finalizing sound mixing in the new state of the art studio imm sound — which works with 3D immersive sound — that has been opened in Barcelona. It is the first film to try the new imm sound system, based on the licensed technology IAW (Immersive Audio Workstation) a hardware unit that allows the engineer to create 3D pannings. Two more imm sound studios will open in the next months in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

“We are going a step further than the stereo system,” Vicente López, CEO of Immsound, which is headquartered in Barcelona, tells ScreenDaily. “With this system we are able to create really natural and impressive sounds that go much beyond the usual right to left recording procedure. You can create a real sound landscape. In a moment when cinemas differentiate themselves from home viewing, this system creates a much spectacular experience”.

imm sound exhibition system is already working in 29 theaters all over the world form Brazil to Japan and Las Vegas. And 11 more cinemas are being readied. “We are just at the height of our expansion since we have a great technology ready to work in business with a very complete catalogue. We are competing at the highest level”.

Barcelona’s imm sound studio is located at the Sonoblok Studios, the main sound production studio in Spain in sound with 2,000 films in 35 years of existence. The system has been backed by Barcelona Media, financed by the EU.