'For the box office, the timing is just perfect. Paramount in the States is going to give the movie a second life, the movie has now jumped up from 100 to 800 or more theatres. Around the world the timing is great...'

Jon Kilik, producer of best picture nominee Babel

'When the idea of making The Queen was first mooted, we had no idea that the result would have quite the impact it has had.'

Helen Mirren, best actress nominee for The Queen

'I'm honoured to receive this nomination from the Academy - especially in a year full of such worthy nominees.'

Leonardo DiCaprio, best actor nominee for Blood Diamond

'I am particularly happy that the hard work of the entire cast and crew has been rewarded with a best picture nomination, and that the specific contributions of Mark Wahlberg, our screenwriter William Monahan, and my longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker have been recognised with nominations as well.'

Martin Scorsese, best director nominee for The Departed

'I'm very pleased. I'm in frighteningly good company. It's very nice of the Queen to allow me in for a minute.'

Judi Dench, best actress nominee for Notes On A Scandal

'I really didn't expect it. There were some wonderful, wonderful screenplays this year. But then, of course, if you work with Clint you should never be surprised if there's attention drawn to your work because of your association with him.'

Paul Haggis, joint best original screenplay nominee for Letters From Iwo Jima

'I was thrilled obviously. The film has demonstrated its legitimacy but we never expected anything like this. It's good that... there's a space for movies that engage with what's going on.'

Paul Greengrass, best director nominee for United 93

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