Myriad Pictures president Kirk D'Amico was on bullish form at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, confirming that former majority shareholder IN-motion AG now holds no further interest in the company. "I am sole president," he said and "I have a majority interest in the company. They haven't funded us for over a year and a half and we are now operating as a stand-alone company."

D'Amico had already resigned from IN-motion's board in April this year and refutes statements that the German group still had a 30% interest in Myriad, which has a $100m revolving credit line with Comerica Bank.

D'Amico revealed that Myriad is to go into production later this year on sexy teen thriller Breaking The Girl to be directed by Stacey Title (The Last Supper) which he described as "Strangers On A Train meets Wild Things." Meanwhile Liam Neeson is close to taking the title role of Kinsey, the Bill Condon film about sexual revolutionary Alfred Kinsey which is part of a financing and sales deal with Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope.

But My Dark Places, the film of James Ellroy's autobiographical novel to be directed by Robert Greenwald, will not now be produced with Zoetrope. David Duchovny remains committed to the lead role in the film which is now set to start shooting as a Myriad production next March.

Casting is now underway for sci-fi remake The 10th Victim which Josef Rusnak (The 13th Floor) will direct and which Myriad will co-produce with Edward R Pressman. The film will be co-financed and co-produced with Babelsberg Studios as part of a multi-picture deal.