TheIncredibles is looking unstoppable at the top of theinternational chart with its latest weekend gross nearly double that of thesecond placed title.

Lastweekend saw a number one debut in Germany gross $5.7m (Euro 4.3m) from 751,000admissions adding to holdover territories and taking the animated film past$150m internationally.

WarnerBros' The Polar Express is in second place and is nearing $50minternationally. It expanded wide in the UK at the weekend and launched inmultiple smaller European territories including The Netherlands, Belgium,Sweden and the Czech Republic. Also amongst them was Norway where 30,000 peoplebought tickets for a $300,000 (NKR 1.9m) weekend gross that placed the film infirst place with nearly double the admissions of the second placed film.

BuenaVista International's National Treasure usurped stablemate TheIncredibles at the top of the Italian table upon its wide release. The filmrepeated this achievement in Spain where it played its second weekend butslipped just 34% week-on-week and moved up from second place to first.

Awave of new releases was led by Blade: Trinity with four territorylaunches including the UK and France. The previous titles in the trilogy didnot perform as well internationally as in North America. The original Bladegrossed $61.1m from international territories, 46.6% of worldwide gross. Thefirst sequel took $72.7m for a similar international/North American split withinternational accounting for 46.9%.

Behindit in seventh place was The Phantom Of The Opera which saw launches inSouth Korea and the UK take a weekend cumulative gross of $5.7m. The last filmto be adapted from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical was Evita in 1996.That film performed stronger internationally than in North America grossing$91m from international markets, representing 64.5% of worldwide grosses.

Frenchcomedy The Daltons (Les Dalton) launched in France and French-speakingSwitzerland for a $4.6m weekend that saw it finish ahead of Ocean's Twelve'sfirst international weekend.

Openingday-and-date with North America in five territories, Ocean's Twelve'sweekend was led by a number one in Australia where it grossed $3.4m (A$4.6m).

InMalaysia, which also received it at the weekend, the sequel can't fail tooutgross its predecessor. Ocean's Eleven was banned in the country asthe censorship board of the time objected to the idea of robbers getting awayat the end of the film.

MediaAsia launched Feng Xiaogang's A World Without Thieves in four Asianterritories including China and Hong Kong at the weekend, which finished justoutside the top ten at the international box office. The film stars Andy Lau (InfernalAffairs, House Of Flying Daggers) and Taiwanese star Rene Liu.

MikeNichols' latest title, Closer, gained its first international openingswith a $1.5m in third place in Italy.

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The international table is compiled each week by LeonardKlady for Screen International.