A newindependent distributor will begin operations in the Netherlands and Belgium fromJanuary.

Dutchcompanies Filmworks and Inspire Pictures and the Belgium distributor Lumierehave joined forces to form Benelux Film Distributors.

The companyis aiming for a wide range of independent film productions, from mainstream toarthouse.

Amongstthe titles to be released in 2006 are Robert de Niro's The Good Shepherd, Neil LaBute's The Wicker Man, Richard Donner's 16 Blocks and Ben Sombogaart's Crusade in Jeans.

Executivemembers of staff are Jan de Clercq (in Belgium) and Carolyn van Liefland (inthe Netherlands).

DeClercq's Lumiere was founded in 2003 and has distributed acclaimed internationalarthouse titles, including La Meglio Gioventi and Calvaire.

InspirePictures is not only active as a distributor, but is also co-producing filmssuch as Crusade in Jeans.

Thirdparty Dutch Filmworks is one of the most important independent DVD distributorsin the Netherlands and Belgium.