Indian film-maker Ramesh Sharma is set to produce and direct a biopic of Hungarian scientist Sandor Korosi Csoma, one of two Indian-Hungarian co-productions set to shoot early next year.

Transylvanian writer Laszlo Csiki and Geza Bethlenfalvy, an expert on Korosi Csoma's work, are scripting the project which will follow the scientist until his death in India. Sharma hopes to attract a US co-producing partner.

Meanwhile Sandor Sara, president of Hungarian TV channel Duna TV, is set to direct a biopic of Indian painter Amrita Sher Gil who was raised in Hungary but died in India at the age of 28. Sara is also scripting the project with Peter Dobai and Istvan Kardos. The Hungarian and Indian governments are both likely to back the project although the film-makers are also looking for finance from French, German and UK partners.