The representatives of Indian film producers and cable operators have

reached an agreement to check video piracy which poses a serious threat to

the Indian film industry.

Under the terms of the deal it was agreed that no film should be exhibited without a valid licence from the copyright holder. Also, it was agreed that no cable network operator (Multi System Operator [MSO]) or franchisee or local cable redistributor would show any film without a valid licence under the Copyright Act.

The film producers will create a secure website containing the names of films and relevant information about their copyright holders. Simultaneously, a system by which access of cable operators and MSOs to copyright holders is made easier will be put in place.

The deal was negotiated by film-makers Yash Chopra, Yash Johar and

Amit Khanna and cable industry representatives TT Hingorani, AK Rastogi

and Roop Sharma. A copy has now been presented to the minister for information and broadcasting Sushma Swaraj.