Hindi film star, director and producer Sanjay Khan hasannounced a multi million dollar historical feature film, which will roll inNovember. The film, titled Maryada Purshottam Ram and based on the epic RamaYana will be made on an international scale and will be the most expensivefilm ever made in Mumbai.

Kahn has already signed Amitabh Bachchan to enact the roleof Lord Dashrath (father of Ram), current hearthrob Rhitik Roshan as Ram andJackie Shroff as Ravana. Sabu Cyril will be the art director, the musicdirector is Rajesh Roshan and the cinematographer for the film is BasheerAli.Sanjay. Khan is scouting for UK-based special effects companies to producethe effects for the film. The film is to be shot all over the world and theentire shooting is scheduled to take six months