Guneet Monga of India’s Sikhya Entertainment and Giulia Achilli of Italy’s Dugong Production have signed a deal at Film Bazaar to co-produce a documentary on the depiction of romance in Indian cinema.

Based on a concept developed by Indian actor Nandana Sen and Italian anthropologist Franco La Cecla, the as-yet-untitled documentary will be mostly shot in India with some portions in France and Italy. Achilli and Monga are in talks with Indian directors for the project.

Achilli described the documentary as “a journey to discover why there are no French-kisses in the largest romantic film industry of the world”.

Achilli has produced two Indian films: Ashvin Kumar’s Inshallah, Football (2010) and Raja Menon’s Barah Aana (2009). Monga is also a partner in Anurag Kashyap Films.