Nikhil Garth D’Rozario, former business head of India’s DAR Media, has teamed with Gautam Thakkar of EveryMedia Technologies to start a boutique entertainment marketing agency.

EM2 provides full service marketing solutions (online and offline) for Indian movies, both in India and overseas. Its initial roster includes Tasher Desh (independent), Mickey Virus (DAR), Dolly Lahore Mein (DAR), D-Day (Nikhil Advani-DAR) and Ugly (Phantom Films).

D’Rozario, CEO of EM2, says that his experience at DAR Media revealed the need for more systematic and strategic marketing of films.

Combining EveryMedia’s online marketing experience with his own offline experience, the agency will not only market films but also manage talent, spearhead the International Digital Film Festival in Delhi (Jan, 2013) and Mumbai (Feb, 2013) and manage entertainment events.

“A big star movie markets itself, but we believe we can add value to smaller budget movies without stars,” said D’Rozario.

The strategy for marketing Tasher Desh, for example, is “to design activities around its essence – the expression of youth – by promoting the music and the concept.”