Indian disc manufacturer and DVD distributor Moser Baer Entertainment has sold the licensing rights of eight films to Nokia for one year.

Moser Baer Entertainment CEO Harish Dayani said: “We have the rights to all physical formats of these films. So far we have only explored VCD and DVD and now we are experimenting with the new emerging format of a microchip.”

Nokia selected the films Jab We Met, Kidnap, Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Border, Company, Karan Arjun and Raaj from Moser Baer’s catalogue.

Certain Nokia handsets will be provided with a free microchip, or phone memory card, preloaded with these eight films. The entire film will be viewable on the handsets and can also be viewed on outputs that support the microchip technology.

Dayani added: “Nokia wants to use these films for their handsets and provide it free to the consumers. It is a pilot phase right now.”

One of the first times a Hindi movie was released on a mobile network was in December 2004, when Rok Sako To Rok Lo premiered on the Airtel network a day before the film’s theatrical release.

Nokia previously screened Bollywood classic Sholay on its handsets as well as Om Shanti Om through Eros and is currently in discussion with other distributors.