India’s Trigno Media has acquired rights to develop a Hindi version of UK comedy The Infidel, which was a hit at the UK box office in 2010.

The film’s original producers Uzma Hasan, Arvind David and writer-producer David Baddiel will executive produce.

The original film starred Omid Djalili as a Muslim family man who discovers he’s adopted and Jewish. It was released in more than 22 territories around the world and is also being developed into a US TV series by NBC.

The Hindi version will focus on India’s two major religions – Hinduism and Islam.

Sajjad Chunawala, director of Trigno Media, said: “People are terrified about race and religious issues, especially issues surrounding Muslims and Hindus, and when people are terrified, what they really should do is laugh.”

Co-founded in 2011 by Chunawala and Shariq Patel, Trigno Media is a marketing and sales agency that specialises in independent films. The Infidel will be its first production.

Negotiations for the remake were handled by Uzma Hasan. “It’s been incredible to watch The Infidel resonate with audiences across the globe; I’m excited to see it reinterpreted in one of world’s most richly diverse nations,” Hasan said.