Pan-Europeandistribution collective Indie Circle has snapped up multi-territory rights toMohammed Rasoulof's Iron Island, this year's closing film in the Quinzaine.

Theacquisition was concluded with Teheran-based Sheherazad Media Internationalfollowing this month's Paris screenings of Quinzaine films.

The Indie Circle deal guarantees the film a release inItaly via Lucky Red, Haut Et Court in France, Cineart in Belgium, A-Film in TheNetherlands and Frenetic Film in Switzerland.

Thisis the seventh multi-territory deal that Indie Circle has concluded since itwas formed four years ago. The idea behind the collective is to present aunited front to sales agents, collaborate on marketing and reduce costs onbanking fees.

TheIron Island acquisition follows on from such earlier Indie Circle pick-ups asGolden Globe winning Osama, Berlinale competition entry Paradise Now and Thank You ForSmoking.