UK-based Cat's Paw Productions hasstarted production on low-budget independent film Framed on location in Oxfordand around London. Shooting started on September 28 and will continue throughNovember 6.

Jon Kirby (Jack of Diamonds,Requiem)is directing, with Crispin Manson and Matthew Stradling producing and Stephan Evans(Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Mother) executive producing.Stradling also wrote the screenplay.

The film is a thrillerabout a young American academic at Oxford who starts to lose grip on realitywhen she writes crime stories.

The cast includesKathryn Sumner, John Shea, Martin Jarvis, George Mayfield, Georgia Mitchell,Lara Cazalet, Noel Fitzpatrick, Robert Hardy and Michael Medwin.

The production is funded byprivate investors. The film-makers are still in discussions with potentialsales agents.