Internet-based independent film distributor signs exclusive deal with iTunes for Apple customers to download films to iPods and iPhones.

The two companies aim to bring independent films to a younger generation of film enthusiasts.

'Time and time again we have seen that the traditional distribution models just do not work for independent films - so over the last few months, we have formed some really strong alliances with leading industry organisations, such as the Cinema Guild, SNAG Films, Cinema Daily Motion, and now iTunes and New Video. All of these partnerships will go a long way in helping us to bring independent films to the mainstream,' said Bob Alexander, president of IndiePix.

As part of the agreement, IndiePix will initially provide five of its most popular films to iTunes, which will then be available for purchase or rent.

The initial five movies will be added to on a monthly basis as IndiePix grows its iTunes catalogue.

The first title is Red Without Blue and tells the story of twins in turmoil. It will be followed by a documentary on homelessness Skid Row, which features Grammy Award-winning Fugees star, Pras Michel; Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa, which centres around a loose-knit community of eco-pioneers, teenage runaways, war veterans and drop-outs; Cocaine Angel, which captures a tragic week in the life of a young drug addict; and crime film City Unplugged.