The UK-based Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness has announced plans to start a new campaign to change its approach for fighting film and TV piracy.

The current 'piracyisacrime' campaign is thought to be too lecturing, and is being replaced with a more behavioural change approach to encourage the public to respect creativity and attach a social stigma to counterfeit content.

The new 13-month integrated marketing campaign is spearheaded by the group's new director general, Liz Bales. PR agency Blue Rubicon is on board for the campaign.

'The advance of digital technology means the opportunities for illegal downloading are growing exponentially,' Bales said. 'The British film and TV industry makes a substantial contribution to society and the economy and it is right that we look for sophisticated ways to protect both the creativity and viability of the industry. We believe this new campaign will cause people to think twice before they consume illegal content.'

The Trust was founded by the British Video Association in 2004 and has 22 members.