Per Fly's highly anticipated new film, Inheritance (Arven), was very well received by both critics and audiences on its opening weekend in Denmark, which was the biggest for a local film this year.

With 41,000 admissions and $319,430 (DKK 2.2m) from 60 prints local distributor Nordisk Film's high expectations were fulfilled for Fly's second film following his multiple award-winning The Bench, which ended up with some 200,000 admissions after a long run.

Local critics were tripping over each other to praise Inheritance, which scored top grades with almost all major newspapers. Much of the acclaim focused on the performance by Ulrich Thomsen (Festen) as Christoffer, the fourth in the generation of proprietors of the Borch-Moller Steel Works, who unwillingly returns to run the family business. The film also stars Swedish newcomer Lisa Werlinder and Danish veteran Ghita Norby.

Veteran Ib Tardini (Italian For Beginners, The Bench) produced the film for Zentropa on a $2.6m (DKK17.9m) budget as a Danish-Norwegian-Swedish co-production.