Anglo-Indian productionoutfit Inspired Movies has arrived in Cannes with a slate of three new picturesto sell.

The independent movieproduction house launched its UK operation in 2004 and has already producedthree full-length English language features - Red Mercury, Exitz and Take 3 Girls - featuringthe likes of Malcolm McDowell, Stockard Channing, Juliet Stevenson and PetePostlethwaite.

The company says operates ona principal of 'rapid creativity' - getting cameras rolling on projects quicklyrather than spending years in development.

Inspired Movies is headed byMeenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnagar and Dr. Phil Blackburn and its films are beingrepped by Pascale Borno of Los Angeles based sales outfit ConquistadorEntertainment.

The Roy Battersby directed RedMercury is a drama about a Londonrestaurant under siege by three fundamental extremists threatening thedestruction of the city. It is produced by Michael Wearing and Peter Ansorge.

The McDowell starring Exitz is a thriller about a global computer games tycoondirected by Laurens Postma

The third film brought toCannes by Inspired Movies is Take 3 Girls set in London's vibrant but dangerous and crime-edged youth musicsub-culture.