A new entrant looks set to join UK's already crowdeddistribution sector.

Gary Smith's Intandem Films is strongly considering handlingthe British release of Stephen Woolley's directorial debut, Stoned,about the life and death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. Intandemfinanced and is selling the film, formerly known as The Wild And WyckedWorld Of Brian Jones.

Intandem's Gary Smith said yesterday that Stonedmight be the ideal title with which to launch a UK distribution arm.'Obviously, we'll go with whatever is the best deal for the film, but it(distribution) is something we will look at,' Smith said.

Woolley confirmed to ScreenDaily.com that he would beenthusiastic to see the film released through Intandem - provided there is abig enough war chest to pay for the P&A. 'I'm supremely confident thatthe film has extremely strong theatrical possibilities for the UK,'Woolley commented yesterday. 'If Intandem can put together a financialpackage that allows that, it would be a very good thing.'

Woolley and Intandem are already partners in Number 9 Films,which won £400,00 in development funding from the UK Film Council as part ofthe so called 'super slate deals' announced last December.

Stoned will be given a high-profile launch in Cannes.Former Palace boss Woolley envisages the UK theatrical release will follow inthe early autumn. 'That is following on the classic Palace line ofbeginning in May, using Cannes screenings to get the long lead press involvedand then building up the PR until release.'

During his time as head of sales and financing outfitWinchester Entertainment, Smith oversaw the creation of a UK theatricaldistribution arm. He is now looking to repeat the experiment at Intandem.'The logic for setting up UK distribution for someone like ourselves isthere. It all depends on getting a flow of suitable projects.'

Earlier this week, Intandem announced that it had raised£1.25 million in advance of its joining London's Alternative Investment Market(AIM) later in the month.

'AIM was set up to be a market for small and expandingbusinesses, which is what we are. There aren't many opportunities to invest ingood quality film companies in the UK. The reason we have been accepted is thatpeople see us as an attractive way of investing in the UK film industry,'Smith said.

Intandem, founded 18 months ago, is currently handlinginternational sales on thriller, Irresistible. Written and directed byAnn Turner, the film (currently in production in Australia) stars SusanSarandon and Sam Neill. British rights have already been pre-sold to Icon.