Intandem Films has taken on international sales for Jason Lehel's forthcoming drama Nobody's Hero, which the company is also executiveproducing. The film follows a soldier from the Iraq war who tries to return to normal life back home.

The film is currently inpre-production with producers Esther Randall of Open Eye Productions (Bob The Butler)and Mark Wolfe (Terminator 3, Kinsey).

Confirmed cast membersinclude Brad Renfro, David O'Hara, and the singer Nelly Furtadoin her acting debut. Filmmakers noted that they would cast an actor with Down's Syndrome in a key role, with the support of Liam Neeson, who is a patron of the UK Down's Association.

Shooting will begin in Vancouver by the end of the year and Intandemexpects the film to premiere at Cannes 2006.

Intandem will offer Nobody'sHero for presales at next month's American Film Market; Alliance Atlantishas already taken Canadian rights.

"We were drawn to thisproject for its fresh perspective of such a relevant story," said Intandem Films CEO Gary Smith. "Nobody's Hero concentrates on a unique human drama which willdefinitely appeal to modern mainstream audiences with its highly chargedemotions."

Lehel previously directed several shorts, worked as a TVcinematographer, and served in various crew positions on films such as Cry Freedom and Gorillas in the Mist.