Intermedia is teaming up with Samuel and Victor Hadida of French independent Metropolitan Filmexport to finance and sell their new production Tristan & Iseult, a retelling of the classic story to which Rupert Wainwright (Stigmata) is attached to direct.

The film is being produced by Samuel Hadida through his production vehicle which also produced Davis Film's hit gothic thriller The Brotherhood Of The Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups) which grossed over $10m in the US through Universal Focus.

Victor Hadida and Leslie Porter, who produced Louis-Pascal Couveliare's Sweat, will also produce. Tristan & Iseult is the story of a young warrior who falls in love with the princess of Ireland but, unbeknownst to her, he is the murderer of her father. She defies her mother's wish for her to marry someone else, and seals her bond with Tristan forever.

Intermedia worldwide distribution chief Jere Hausfater unveiled the project at its second annual Cannes luncheon. Hausfater also toasted his departing bosses Guy East and Nigel Sinclair who are shifting from a chief executive capacity to independent producers with a deal at the company.