Intermedia, the biggest film concern listed on Germany's Neuer Markt, is scaling back the UK base from which it first launched as a small independent sales outfit.

As the indie film giant becomes more of a Hollywood player, it is understood to be leaving only the international marketing department under Paul Davis based in the UK. Since floating on the stockmarket in 2000, Intermedia has increasingly shifted its focus from edgy, low-budget fare such as UK Berlin competitor Iris to big budget US films such as Terminator 3, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

UK-based collections and delivery activities are expected to move to Los Angeles. Intermedia's well-regarded head of development Nick Drake is likely to be offered a consultancy position. Up to 10 of Intermedia's existing London staff of around 15 are thought to be affected.

The restructuring continues the process started 15 months ago when Intermedia moved activities such as business affairs to Los Angeles.

Only this week German commissioner for cultural and media affairs Julian Nida-Ruemelin criticised the export of 80% of the country's film cash to Hollywood.

However, Intermedia insists that it is committed to production outside the US and that London-based Guy East will continue to have a key role. Current projects include a remake of Das Experiment, which is likely to transplant the hit German thriller to the US.