Having already enjoyed a week on the chart through previewsalone Bridget Jones sequel The Edge OfReason topped the international chart in its official opening week withease. A record opening for the UK's Working Title in its home territory ($13.2mexcluding previews) was complimented by number one launches in all of theromantic comedies other five territories: Australia ($4.3m), Croatia ($81,000),Hungary ($0.4m), The Netherlands ($1.13m) and Poland ($1.15m).

The highest new entry, occupying the number eight slot that Bridget filled last week, was Pixar'slatest animated title The Incredibles.The film opened throughout Scandinavia claiming number one spots in allterritories as well as going out on excusive release at the Grand Rex cinema inParis. The film opens nationwide in France on Nov 24.

Bridget's maincompetition at the top of the international chart over the next two months, asit blankets the globe, will likely come from The Incredibles which will cover the same roll-out period.

BVI's Shall We Dance'continued to play well adding a number one opening this week in Argentina on 34screens and opening in South Korea.

Prequel Exorcist: TheBeginning claimed the top spot in Italy through Eagle Pictures with $3.6mboosting the horror title back up the chart.

Also seeing a jump was UIP's The Manchurian Candidate following launches in Germany, Spain,Italy and Austria.

French titles fared well on the table led by Jean-PierreJeunet's A Very Long Engagement whichcontinued to play well in France, Belgium and Switzerland and slipping just 11%in its third week. Meanwhile new title 13thDistrict (Banlieue 13) saw a strong start in France through EuropaCorptaking $3.1m from 428 screens for the third highest screen average of the weekon the international top 30. The film ranked, appropriately, in 13th place.Another three French titles and French-US co-production Taxi also appeared this week.

Spain also had a local pair doing well with new release Di Que Si narrowly leading holdover Wolf (El Lobo) at 21 and 22. Wolf sawadmissions and box office increase 28%-29% week-on-week in the country. Playingon fewer screens Wolf also claimedthe stronger screen average.

Elsewhere UIP's Collateralpassed $100m last week. The UK has provided the highest returns for MichaelMann's thriller ($15.2m), followed by Japan ($13m), France ($10.5m), Italy($8.7m) and Germany ($7m). The film has only been on release for three weeks inJapan, however, so that territory will soon surpass the UK. Japan is frequentlya good territory for Tom Cruise titles. The actor's last release, The Last Samurai, grossed $125m in Japan- more than its North American gross - while his previous, Minority Report, saw its biggest international gross ($48m) comefrom the territory.