As predicted by ScreenDaily.comlast week a new international chart champion was crowned this week.

20th Century Fox's I,Robot opened in multiple territories in Latin America, Asia and Europe,including Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong, France and Spain, to take the leadwith a $20.8m weekend.

The film should be able to retain the lead next week given afurther set of European launches including such majors as Germany and the UK.

Spider-Man 2 mayhave been knocked down to second but the film passed the $300m internationalmark at the weekend to join Shrek 2,Troy, The Day After Tomorrow and HarryPotter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban in 2004's $300m international club.

Following a five week absence the first of the summer'sblockbuster fraternity, Van Helsing,returned to the international chart after launching in South Korea. The filmwas on the edge of passing $150m internationally as of Sunday but lags some$200m behind Troy and The Day After Tomorrow which werereleased in the May weeks following.

The power of the Korean market was also demonstrated, onceagain, by the presence of local titles TrueRomance and Everyone Has A Secreton the international chart.

A new release, EveryoneHas A Secret is a Korean remake of UK romantic comedy About Adam. Directed by Jang Hyeon-soo Secret tells the story of a man who falls for the three sisters inone family after meeting the youngest sibling at a jazz bar where she sings.

The International table is compiled eachweek by Leonard Klady for Screen International