Four new releases entered the top 10 in Screen's international chart for the November 28-30 weekend, during which Quantum Of Solace held on to its position at the top of the table with a $20.6m weekend haul.

Transporter 3 was the highest new entry at number three, following openings in France, Ukraine and Turkey for a $10.9m three-day gross. The US-UK-France co-production sees Jason Statham return as the eponymous driver-for-hire, who in this instalment must transport the kidnapped daughter of a government official across Europe. The film played on 1,165 screens, for an average of $9,300 per screen, the highest of the week. Transporter 3 opens in the UK this weekend, with a further international roll-out throughout December and January.

Walt Disney's CGI Bolt leapt into the chart at number six after opening in four territories, including second-place debuts in both Russia (taking $4.4m) and Italy ($2.2m). The film grossed $7.9m from 1,417 screens, for an average of $5,500.

Baz Luhrmann's epic Australia debuted in seventh position following Fox International's release in Australia, Trinidad and Jamaica. It took $5.1m over the weekend, with $4.1m from 643 screens coming from a first-place debut in Australia, giving Luhrmann his biggest opening in his home territory.

Four Christmases knocked Quantum Of Solace from the top of the UK chart after opening this weekend, taking $3.5m from 434 screens. The romantic comedy, which stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, follows a couple who must endure the suffering that four Christmas gatherings entail. It also opened at the top spot in North America for $31.1m, coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday. Internationally, the film totalled $3.7m, for a screen average of almost $8,000.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Quantum Of Solace (US-UK)$20,601,8088,530$340,607,52563
2(4)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (US)$13,398,4601,969$72,427,25724
3NewTransporter 3 (US-UK-Fr)$10,869,6131,165$10,869,6133
4(3)Twilight (US)$8,888,0701,652$22,124,97213
5(2)Body Of Lies (US)$8,621,1433,247$45,979,94846
6NewBolt (US)$7,898,7671,417$7,898,7674
7NewAustralia (Aus-US)$5,100,790654$5,100,7903
8(9)Changeling (US)$4,534,7781,093$14,237,5195
9NewFour Christmases (US)$3,682,137461$3,682,1372
10(6)High School Musical 3: Senior Year (US)$3,628,1263,627$134,739,40332
11(5)Public Enemy Number One: Part 2 (Fr-Can-It)$3,006,453528$10,058,1353
12(7)Max Payne (US)$2,650,1681,632$40,374,57515
13(8)Red Cliff (Ch)$2,334,497548$108,609,4031
14(13)I'd Rather Be A Shellfish (Jap)$2,045,597330$9,192,6471
15NewFit Lover (Ch)$2,014,600485$2,014,6001
16(47)Death Race (US)$2,019,7291,019$33,815,94928
17(14)Saw V (US)$2,016,2181,251$39,912,92032
18(27)Burn After Reading (US-UK-Fr)$1,756,9401,049$72,557,77227
19(18)Vilaine (Fr)$1,736,901276$7,117,5932
20NewOye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (Ind)$1,532,709379$1,532,70917
21(24)Two Lovers (US)$1,512,748261$3,717,6291
22(19)Portrait Of A Beauty (S Kor)$1,503,478427$8,922,1091
23NewHello Schoolgirl (S Kor)$1,480,689368$1,805,0441
24(15)The Ottoman Republic (Tur)$1,441,899258$5,359,5176
25(21)Blindness (Can-Bra-Jap)$1,363,736635$12,141,39614
26(23)Desire Of The Heart (Ch)$1,167,200645$3,492,6001
27(26)Happy Flight (Jap)$1,175,635309$8,985,0621
28(10)Yuvraaj (Ind)$1,173,072723$4,793,67417
29(11)Dostana (Ind)$1,124,346537$13,097,63114
30(16)La Fidanzata Di Papa (It)$1,115,786275$8,303,6591
31(25)Musee Haut, Musee Bas (Fr)$1,098,368317$3,229,4752
32NewOutlander (US)$1,084,614232$1,084,6142
33(12)Platon (Rus)$1,082,923497$4,721,6892
34(38)Quarantine (US)$1,026,834558$2,831,15214
35(28)Welcome To The Sticks (Fr)$1,022,390413$226,655,4747
36(51)Issiz Adam (Tur)$1,011,743116$4,692,0851
37(17)My Best Friend's Girl (US)$1,009,260762$15,567,86113
38(39)Beast Stalker (HK)$999,663659$2,188,4632
39*Superhero Movie (US)$970,766285$44,382,7632
40(20)Public Enemy Number One: Part 1 (Fr-Can-It)$893,482642$24,929,1708
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady