While Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street was the highest entrant in this week's international box-office chart, there were a number of new European entries that catch the eye.

The Warner Bros film, directed by Tim Burton, took $8,111,368 over the weekend, playing on 1,092 screens in five territories. It will now be looking for a further bounce from this week's Oscar nominations.

Best picture nomination Juno finally made it into the international chart, after its phenomenal US success (currently number four in the North America chart, grossing $87,092,615 to date).

With Twentieth Century Fox distributing, Juno logged gross takings of $1,673,695 across 168 screens in its opening international release in Australia.

French affair

Two non-US debuts made the top-20 this week. France's A Widow At Last (Enfin Veuve) reached number 15 with its weekend takings totalling $4,268,093. The Gaumont-released film is currently playing in both its home territory and Belgium, for an average of $8,502 across 502 screens.

Widow is actress Isabelle Mergault's second film as a director, and stars Michele Laroque and Jacques Gamblin.

The best screen average of the week went to Alex de la Iglesia's The Oxford Murders, which entered the chart at 17 after opening in Spain. The film sees John Hurt and Elijah Wood star as a professor and a grad-student who combine their efforts to solve a series of murders connected by the appearance of mathematical symbols at the crime scenes.

The Spain/UK/France co-production will have strong international ambitions with de la Iglesia's track record on films such as La Comunidad and Ferpect Crime. It is also based on a Argentinian Guillermo Martinez's award-winning novel, which has sold well worldwide. The film had the highest screen average of the week at $12,346, playing on 263 screens and amassing $3,246,990 to date solely in Spain.

Monster smash

The Paramount/UIP-distributed Cloverfield has landed at the top of the North American chart, and looks set to repeat this success internationally, particularly if word-of-mouth and its viral internet campaign continue to have an influence.

Grossing $4,389,402 and playing on 457 screens, the JJ Abrams-produced film had a more-than-decent screen average of $9,605. The handheld action film is told from the point of view of a group of party revellers trying to survive a monster attack on New York.

The international top 10 this week continues to be dominated by the studios, with Will Smith's I Am Legend still clinging to the top spot.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)I Am Legend (US)$28,120,8205,369$260,893,45649
2(3)Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (US)$11,237,0434,116$69,082,13148
3(4)Alvin And The Chipmunks (US)$10,135,4933,662$95,198,44838
4(7)American Gangster (US)$9,144,2311,658$93,042,51637
5(13)P.S. I Love You (US)$8,916,6441,438$31,113,80613
6(2)National Treasure: Book of Secrets (US)$8,370,1943,883$143,299,73136
7NewSweeney Todd ... (US)$8,111,3681,092$8,673,9545
8(6)Enchanted (US)$5,913,7043,358$161,158,33032
9(5)The Golden Compass (US-UK)$4,723,6513,724$252,991,90848
10(16)Charlie Wilson's War (US)$4,669,680882$10,295,77310
11(10)Keinohrhasen (Ger)$4,568,679691$36,149,5853
12NewCloverfield (US)$4,389,402457$4,389,4026
13(11)Atonement (UK)$4,362,9301,052$50,065,35927
14(8)Bee Movie (US)$4,302,4653,244$148,301,54944
15NewA Widow At Last (Fr)$4,268,093502$4,268,0933
16(12)Women's Team Handball (S Kor)$3,761,725430$10,597,6221
17NewThe Oxford Murders (Sp-UK)$3,246,990263$3,246,9901
18(28)The Kite Runner (US)$3,076,475512$8,738,1139
19(9)L'Allenatore Nel Pallone 2 (It)$2,535,255481$10,116,0051
20(18)27 Dresses (US)$2,500,996286$7,310,9484
21(14)Earth (Fr)$2,476,062331$25,211,5663
22(65)No Country For Old Men (US)$2,468,402206$5,231,7002
23(15)The Irony Of Fate 2 (Rus)$2,284,372767$52,723,4305
24(20)Into The Wild (US)$2,029,708282$8,443,3985
25(17)Open City (S Kor)$1,993,256338$7,026,3301
26(39)Love In The Time of Cholera (US)$1,824,109711$15,494,84114
27(19)Black And White (It)$1,822,754301$5,116,6571
28NewJuno (US)$1,673,695168$1,673,6951
29(22)St Trinian's (UK)$1,672,249381$20,298,3291
30(29)The Mist (US)$1,477,9044357,954,0235
31NewHellcats (S Kor)$1,460,624274$1,811,5491
32(35)Maskeli Besler: Kibris (Tur)$1,398,965367$3,325,8625
33(*)1408 (US)$1,393,397356$55,220,8826
34(40)Lust, Caution (Tai/HK)$1,358,174405$54,828,37710
35(23)Season Of Snow (Jap)$1,207,860266$4,904,8301
36(30)The Water Horse (US)$1,190,170466$6,620,4303
37(*)Survivre Avec Les Loups (Fr)$1,097,425204$1,644,5052
38(24)Arn ... Knight Templar (Swe)$1,076,923257$14,534,5523
39(*)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK)$1,008,152137$193,054,8381
40(63)Saw IV (US)$975,544375$55,824,72212
* Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady