Russian action film Apocalypse Code was the highest non-domestic entry into the international top 40 this weekend, taking $3.5m from 656 screens in its home territory.

The film, directed by Vadim Shmelev (Countdown) and distributed by Caroprokat, made the top 10 and enjoyed a $5,308 screen average after opening in Russia at the weekend. The story follows a secret agent who has been dispatched to defuse four atomic bombs around the world.

French films accounted for 4.9% of the total top 40 international revenue. Un Secret came in at number 13 in its first weekend, with a $2.8m take from 335 screens. The drama, released through UGC Distribution, had an $8,354 screen average after opening in France and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Intimate Enemies opened at number 31 with a $1.1m take in France. The war drama played across 362 screens for a solid $3,101 screen average. 99 Francs fell by 51% in its second weekend, taking $1.8m from 471 screens at the weekend. The comedy, released by Pathe Distribution, has generated $6.2m to date from three territories.

Ang Lee's Lust, Caution continues to boast the highest screen average this weekend, echoing last weekend's success. The espionage drama fell slightly by 18% to number 24 at the weekend and enjoyed a $1.6m take from just 132 screens for a whopping $12,354 screen average. The film has taken nearly $7.5m after two weekends.

Brazilian crime story Tropa De Elite also graced the top 40 in its first weekend. Although Jose Padilha's film did not cross the $1m mark, it achieved the third highest screen average over the weekend, clocking in at a $7,752 average on each of its 126 screens.

Elsewhere, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International came up trumps thanks to a 193% boost for Ratatouille, pushed by a $12m opening in Germany. The Pixar animation won the top slot with a $19.3m take across 3,265 screens. And New Line's Rush Hour 3 was up a whopping 85% after expanding in three territories.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend October 5-7 - The big cheese
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(4)Ratatouille (US)$19,326,0003,265$245,826,00030
2(3)Resident Evil: Extinction (US)$7,868,2672,096$29,530,98920
3(2)I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)$6,112,1322,119$47,953,77836
4(12)Rush Hour 3 (US)$6,029,7022,117$91,206,25137
5(1)The Bourne Ultimatum (US)$5,759,3992,638$172,264,46342
6NewThe Heartbreak Kid (US)$5,743,018819$5,743,0184
7(7)Superbad (US)$4,445,9951,977$23,179,26720
8(6)Hairspray (US)$3,923,8021,829$60,827,65928
9(5)The Brave One (US)$3,906,8702,066$14,520,62125
10NewApocalypse Code (Rus)$3,601,305656$3,601,3051
11NewThe Kingdom (US)$3,195,792603$3,195,7924
12(13)Surf's Up (US)$2,913,6272,018$54,597,89632
13NewUn Secret (Fr)$2,798,616335$2,798,6162
14(17)Stardust (UK-US)$2,777,9761,005$26,392,46023
15(9)Evan Almighty (US)$2,776,197960$66,841,24428
16(35)Michael Clayton (US)$2,756,743652$4,695,6422
17(11)Hero (Jap)$2,660,438475 $55,122,742 1
18(8)No Reservations (US)$2,330,1481,664 $41,914,04139
19NewHappiness (S Kor)$2,314,857362 $4,124,9301
20(16)Underdog (US)$2,091,000913 $9,362,00014
21*The Nanny Diaries (US)$1,954,665474 $4,824,0039
22(63)Eastern Promises (UK-US-Can)$1,953,704403 $2,565,6853
23(43)War (US)$1,821,513868 $12,722,40616
24(10)99 Francs (Fr)$1,820,808471 $6,159,2733
25(20)Lust, Caution (Tai-HK-US)$1,630,719132 $7,490,6844
26NewTriangle (HK-Chi)$1,524,608300 $2,129,7741
27(19)Run, Fat Boy, Run (US-UK)$1,478,528363 $18,134,5811
28(31)Katyn (Pol)$1,248,984189 $11,764,1951
29(22)Atonement (UK-Fr-US)$1,197,162448 $20,765,8773
30(33)Death At A Funeral (Ger-HK-UK-US)$1,171,145501 $7,443,50212
31(18)Shrek The Third (US)$1,124,026765 $469,075,67516
32NewIntimate Enemies (Fr)$1,122,695362 $1,122,6951
33(24)Knocked Up (US)$1,094,070774 $55,664,76027
34(56)Planet Terror (US)$1,029,687541 $8,374,5927
35(14)A Love (S Kor)$1,028,590290 $12,592,1351
36(15)The Simpsons Movie (US)$1,021,547600 $339,242,3432
37(21)Dhol (Ind)$1,003,578523 $4,318,67916
38(27)Closed Note (Jap)$984,731294 $3,790,7911
39NewTropa De Elite (Br-Neth)$976,728126 $976,7281
40(25)1408 (US)$949,437549 $24,237,69415
*re-entry - (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady